ABOUT OUR Foundation

T. Grace Foundation was founded to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families. The mission of the foundation arises from the passion and motivation of the Founder (and his family) as a cancer survivor, to provide some measure of compassionate relief to those currently impacted by cancer.

The T. Grace Foundation provides two types of financial assistance – unrestricted and restricted grants. The eligibility criteria are different for the unrestricted and restricted grants. An application is necessary for either or both grants. If you are eligible for both grants you can apply for both at the same time or at separate times.

Please note that we cannot guarantee assistance to all applicants. Each year we must prioritize those in greatest need.

Please click below to view the criteria  to determine whether you are eligible to apply for financial assistance from either grant!  Our prayers and best thoughts go out to you and we thank you for reviewing our information on this site.

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